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12 Day Live Coral Guarantee


 When you buy live coral online from us at, you are buying with the utmost confidence. Every live coral purchased from Hellfire Frags has been inspected before being packaged to guarantee the health of your live coral. We aim to provide excellent customer service. If any of your online coral that you have ordered are dead or clearly dying, please let us know immediately. 

 We have a 12 Day Live Guarantee.
That means, if there are any clear issues with any of your live coral, "dead" within 12 days, all you have to do is send us clear pictures showing that the item is dead.

 If your new, live coral addition does not stay alive for 12 days, we will issue you a store credit. (we may ask for water analysis) 
Corals are never refunded.
Shipping fees are never credited and we do not cover the cost of shipping for replacements.

 In the rare case of dead on arrival corals a store credit minus the shipping costs are given to the customer while we go to battle with UPS and accept the responsibility of getting reimbursed for coral losses through UPS.

Guidelines for our 12 day Guarantee
1) We must receive a clear picture showing a fully dead coral no longer than 12 exact days from the UPS timestamp showing delivery or pickup. (I.E. Your order arrives at 9:58 am on 1st. We must be notified by the 13th at 9:58 am about the "dead" coral 
2) NEVER send Hellfire Frags back, or throw away any items before 12 days from timestamp of delivery or else the guarantee is null and void.
3) NEVER remove a coral or frag from its base or guarantees are null and void
4)  NEVER refuse a wet or damaged box or a package that has been delayed in transit. All guarantees will be null and void.
5) 12 Day Guarantee only applies to orders that have been shipped. Local pick up orders are not covered under any guarantees.
6) Order cancelations will incur a %20 restocking fee in order to be refunded OR a full store credit will be given to the customer and must be used within 365 days from being issued.
7) We do not offer any live guarantees for Invertebrates, Anemones, or Live Tropical Fish for these items, the customer assumes the risk.
8) We hold the right to refuse any 12 day guarantee.
Tanks with predatory inverts and non-reef safe fish like angelfish, trigger fish, puffer fish, butterfly fish, certain gobies, and fish that perch on or have the possibility of nipping at live coral, will void all guarantees.
9) Shipping fees are never credited or refunded.

 We assume all customers have moderate reef keeping knowledge when we ship to them. We can not be held accountable for poor water quality and we may ask for full spectrum water test results from a professional reef keeping store near you to process guarantees.
When in Doubt - Please ask us
That is why we are here.